Managed Multi ISP – Internet

  • To provide managed Internet Connection with high availability for SME Company.
  • Single Point of contact for the report.
  • Redundancy of connection.
  • Primary (Main) Internet Line are using TM Unifi / Streamyx.
  • Secondary Internet Line are using Maxis Fibre/Time Fiber or 3G where the ISP are Maxis or Digi depends on the coverage.
  • Router and/or Link Balancer will be installed behind the Primary Internet Router.
  • KABAZ will monitor the Router/Load balancer.

The Unifi/Streamyx are using the Dynamic IP and KABAZ will configure the Dynamic DNS Service (DynDNS) on the router. With this, KABAZ will only need to add the hostname in the NMS and every 5 min, the box will update its current IP.

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